(spanish: tank, cistern)

2022 - ongoing

project initiated at Fabra i Coats residency

digital photograph manipulated by hand


















This is an ongoing project that is planned to take it’s final shape as an artist publication. The publication will contain photographs manipulated by hand, that will be accompanied by a piece of fiction written by Michael Lawton.

Making interventions in the photographs is meant to bring them closer to the fictitious quality of a painting, while still preserving the quality of life present in the photograph. The photographs were taken in Barcelona’s neighborhoods of Sants, Sant Adria de Besòs and Sant Andreu de Palomar.

Bearing in mind that Barcelona opens its doors to tens of millions of tourists every year, the aforemen- tioned neighborhoods of Barcelona are not so popular among tourists, and foster a strong community of the local population. These neighborhoods, in a way, sustain this ‘other’ visible part of Barcelona.

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